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Fugro secures two Dutch offshore wind site investigation contracts
Rating12345Fugro has been awarded two geotechnical investigation contracts for...
Safe Software and Sphere partnership empowers extended reality into enterprise operations
Rating12345Together, Sphere – extended reality (XR) software by holo|one...
Yunex Traffic’s RSU2X – Strong Enough to Withstand a Hurricane, Reliable Enough to Support Evacuation Planning
Rating12345 The 48 RSU2X models deployed by Yunex Traffic...

June 29th, 2012
Highway Bill Compromises Conservation Funding

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An environmental group said Thursday that the agreement reached by lawmakers on a $120 billion surface transportation bill made “unacceptable changes to landmark environmental protections and wastes taxpayer dollars by ignoring environmental impacts that could be avoided.” In a deal painstakingly negotiated over two months, the House and Senate agreed on a transportation bill that accepted several Republican proposals to weaken Environmental Protection Agency regulations they argued had been gridlocking construction projects. Read More

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