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July 4th, 2008
High Performance GML Loader Beats All Records

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PR – Proving the capabilities of a high performing, scalable and
reliable software tool can be difficult on paper. Seeing the tool in
action, however, is an entirely different experience. Visitors to
Snowflake Software’s website can now view a hands-on video
demonstrating the capabilities of GO Loader and just how easily,
quickly and reliably it can load GML 2 and GML 3 datasets.

video, prepared initially with Ordnance Survey’s large scale data, OS
MasterMap®, guides the viewer through the process of loading 134,387
GML features in just 49 seconds.

GO Loader, Oracle 10g and
the GML data were all installed on a Dell™ laptop with just a single
dual core Intel® processor running at 2.20 GHz with 2 GB RAM. As the
statistics below show, the average load speed for:

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