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September 2nd, 2008
Grey Island’s NextBus Predicts ‘The Better Way’ for the City of Toronto

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PR – Grey Island Systems International, Inc. is pleased to announce that the Board of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) approved the recommendation for award of contracts for the Next Vehicle Arrival System to Grey Island for its NextBus System. Total value of the contracts is $9,920,000.

The TTC operates the third most heavily used transit system in the USAand Canada serving over 450 million customers annually in the Greater TorontoArea. The TTC provides this service to the City of Toronto with an extensivenetwork of subways, streetcar lines, bus routes, and a specialized service,Wheel-Trans, for people with disabilities.    The purpose of the NextBus project is to develop and implement a systemto provide TTC riders with vehicle location, vehicle arrival time, and othertransit related information. The system will consist of a collection ofcomputer hardware, software, and GPS technology, used for capturing, managing,analysing and displaying projected vehicle arrival times. The system will beinstalled to work with existing Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) trackingsystems and communications infrastructure.    The system will use GPS Satellite technology with GPS receivers mountedon vehicles in order to determine the precise location of the vehicle and theintended stop. This data is communicated to a central information centre. Thecentre uses a dedicated server with software that allows the calculation of anestimated time of arrival for the vehicle. Vehicle arrival times will bedisplayed on electronic signs at bus stops, streetcar stops and stationloading areas, to the internet and to wireless devices such as cell phones andPDA's.    The NextBus project has been initiated by the TTC as a measure towardimproving customer service, TTC service visibility and increasing ridership.This initiative will provide TTC riders with real-time, reliable and relevantpassenger information.    Brian Boychuk, Executive Vice President for Grey Island said,"NextBus (.com) is dedicated to the public transit industry and its riders.Its mission is to enhance the experience of using public transit by providinghigh value information to both passengers and managers of public transit. Weprovide actual arrival times, not schedules. Bus and streetcar locations aretracked via an automatic vehicle location system; NextBus processes theinformation, calculates predicted arrival times and transmits arrival timepredictions to electronic displays at stops and stations, IVR (interactivevoice response) systems, PDA's, cell phones and to the Internet. Becausepassengers can plan to arrive at the bus stop within moments of the bus'actual arrival time, the time spent waiting at stops on day-to-day basis isminimized. This is especially more valuable to riders in unfavourableconditions such as inclement weather or waiting alone at night".    Owen Moore, President of Grey Island said "This implementation ofNextBus, in one of the most prestigious public transit agencies in NorthAmerica, further exemplifies Grey Island's leadership position in Governmentbased vehicle tracking, telematics and predictive arrival systems. Factorssuch as increasing fuel prices and increased funding for public transit willcontinue to drive demand for our products and services, which in turn improvesservice, and increases ridership and revenues for public transit agencies".

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