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March 1st, 2009
Grand Rapids, MN, Utilizes Cityworks for Budgeting and Reporting

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Azteca Systems, Inc. announces that the City of Grand Rapids, MN has greatly benefited from its self-implementation of Cityworks, the leading GIS-centric management software solution.  In using Cityworks, Grand Rapids Public Works has moved to a completely paperless system, utilizing the software for budget analyses, payroll and invoice reporting, along with traditional asset maintenance management needs.  Because of sustained and sound benefits, Grand Rapids plans to further expand its use of Cityworks throughout the organization.   
In early 2006, the City of Grand Rapids chose to deploy Cityworks through self-implementation.  Previous to this, the Public Works Department kept track of work orders on handwritten daily activity reports making data retrieval and analysis very time-consuming, if not virtually impossible.  Azteca Systems provided configuring tools for self-implementation that made the transition comparatively simple, showing how truly user-friendly the software is.  Grand Rapids began using Cityworks to track stormwater reporting and set up the system to track employee data.  Soon after, they began tracking work orders for snowplowing.  The Department quickly realized the many benefits of easily accessible work orders, becoming even more evident when it came time to file the City’s MPCA Stormwater System report.   
“We are reaping the benefits of Cityworks and feel that we have only begun to scratch the surface,” states Michael LeClaire, GIS/CAD Technician at the City of Grand Rapids, Minnesota.  “After seeing the demonstration of Cityworks and visiting a few other cities actively using the software, we knew that Cityworks would easily be able to solve our stormwater reporting issue.  But the great thing about the software was that we could see where Cityworks would benefit other aspects of the Public Works Department, and it most certainly has.”   
Budget cost analyses were improved as administration began accurately creating reports to provide to the City Council through Cityworks.  Using data from Cityworks, the City developed an automated timesheet and invoice reporting system that now saves valuable hours for field crew members from having to accurately describe and report their time each two-week pay period.  It has also greatly increased work efficiency for administration staff in producing invoice reports and being responsible for accurate accounting of time reporting.
The City plans to expand their use of Cityworks throughout 2009.  One of the projects will be to utilize AVL with street sweeper enabling the City to track how often and how many times the streets get swept in the city.  The data will be beneficial for stormwater reporting and in keeping the public informed.
“We’ve watched the success of Grand Rapids over the past few years and are very impressed with their initiative,” states Brian Haslam, President of Azteca Systems.  “The City truly utilizes Cityworks for their specific wants and needs.  We are seeing more and more clients utilize the system for budgeting and other fiscal needs.  This is really the intent of a system like this – better data makes for better, more accurate decisions.  And this is what is so great about Cityworks – its unique ability to be flexible and accessible enough to be utilized for the myriad of needs an organization may have.”
About Grand Rapids, Minnesota
Grand Rapids is located in the northeastern part of Minnesota and is the county seat of Itasca County .  Grand Rapids was named for the local rapids of the Mississippi river which, today, are hidden underneath the dam of the Blandin Paper Mill.  The city was originally founded as a logging town as the Mississippi River provided an optimal method of log shipment to population centers.  Today, Grand Rapids’ is home to more than 9,700 and boasts an economy based on paper manufacturing, wood products andtourism with many local resorts, golf courses, excellent regional hunting and fishing, and a large seasonal and weekend population with summer residences on surrounding lakes.
About Azteca Systems, Inc.
Founded in 1986, Azteca Systems, Inc. is the leading provider of GIS-centric Enterprise Management Systems.  Built exclusively on top of ESRI’s leading GIS technology, Cityworks is powerful, scalable, and affordable, designed for agencies that own and care for critical infrastructure, capital assets, and property. 

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