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December 3rd, 2007
GPS Tracking Supplier Has Been Chosen by Quantum Engineering

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PR – Global Tracking Communications, Inc, a leading North American supplier of GPS tracking systems and web enabled software, announces that they have been chosen by Quantum Enginering as their supplier of wireless modems for their rail car end-of-train telemetry units. Quantum’s EOT product supplies critical operational data and GPS location based data to their rail car operator customers. Quantum will utilize GTC’s web based mapping and reporting (Globaltrack System) to enable Quantum’s rail operator customers to view location based information in real time. Andy Kustes, CTO of Global Tracking Communications, Inc., states that by ‘Combining Quantum’s EOT product with GTC’s LBS technology (Location-Based Services) will provide Quantum’s rail operator customers with critical data to help them overcome everyday challenges that are common in the rail car industry.’

Location-based services (LBS) are wireless ‘mobile content’ services which are to provide location-specific information to mobile users moving from location to location. It is also called LoCation Services( LCS)

How it works
The service provider gets the location from a GPS chip built into the phone, or using radiolocation and trilateration based on the signal-strength of the closest cell-phone towers (for phones without GPS features). In the UK, networks do not use trilateration; LBS services use a single base station, with a ‘radius’ of inaccuracy, to determine a phone’s location.

A successful LBS technology must meet the position accuracy requirements determined by the respective service, at the lowest possible cost and with minimal impact on network and the equipment. The obvious technology needed in providing LBS is getting to know the location or the position, the geographic data of that location and an application to process the position information along with the geographic data to provide Location Based Service.

Global Tracking Communications vehicle tracking products are used by businesses for improving fleet management using the latest GPS vehicle tracking technology.

Global Tracking Communications Popular GPS Tracking Systems include :

The GPS Tracking Locator 2000. Our Locator 2000 series is ideal for the following industries:
– Plumbing
– Electric,
– Construction,
– Service Business,
– Trucking
– Distribution and Manufacturing

All of the the company’s L2000 series locators are for unlimited use for a flat monthly fee so you will never incur overage charges L2000E (Pro) the company’s #1 selling, full featured system for businesses of all sizes who want to save money by having complete visibility to their entire fleet and improve employee time management.

L2000A (Pro) Includes all features of the ‘E’ Pro series, plus an internal backup battery in case of tampering or theft, and extra telemetry sensors for monitoring usage of in-vehicle powered items such as PTO’s, sprayers, hydraulics, and other secondary power sources and equipment. Standard 3 year warranty included.

L2000 Nav+ – Includes all features of ‘A’ Pro, plus ability to connect to in-vehicle laptop for in-vehicle navigation and mobile Internet connectivity.

L2000E (Lite) – Our ‘value’ package that includes basic location services and reporting.

The Locator 6000 GPS Tracking system Our Locator 6000 is ideal for the following industries:
– Transportation
– Waste Management

The Locator 6000 is the ‘Mercedes Benz’ (at Chevy prices) of the GPS real-time vehicle tracking world. This product has many advantages over its competition.The Locator 6000 GPS Tracking offers all the features of the Nav+ unit, and includes additional features and options:
– On-board automated DOT reporting
– J1708 Engine Diagnostic Reporting
– Two-way text messaging
– Paperless Forms
– Recommended for ‘over-the-road’ trucking industry

The Validator 5000 GPS tracking series
V5000 – The Validator 5000 series utilizes satellite communications to provide the complete real-time tracking solution for those who need to go beyond cellular coverage. Integrating a high performance GPS receiver and a satellite communication module into a compact enclosure, the Validator 5000 GPS tracking systems transmit positions and telematic data back to the control center. The web-based control center allows the user to communicate with and locate the vehicle, in addition to reporting and mapping the vehicle’s activities.

On Demand (Locate Only)
Asset Protection Unit

Our Asset Protection Unit is ideal for the following industries:
– Automobiles,
– Automobile
– Theft-Recovery and High Risk Auto Loan Companies

Protection Unit Asset Protection Unit
The Asset Protection Unit is a hard-wired unit. It is typically used for companies or individuals that do not have a requirement for constant monitoring of their vehicle(s) or asset(s), but have a need to locate their vehicles on demand, once or twice a day
APU Remotely disable the vehicle or unlock doors. This unit is inexpensive and ideal for many applications.

Passive (Non Real-Time)
Validator 2000

Our Asset Protection Unit is ideal for the following industries:
– Automobiles
– Automobile Theft-Recovery and High Risk Auto Loan Companies.

The Validator 2000 is an event-triggered, data-logging Vehicle Location System utilizing a two-way communication module to automatically download data to the base station. With NO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION FEES. V2000 The PC based software allows the user to run detailed reports for checking route efficiency, tracking miles driven, or checking up on that ‘questionable’ driver. Five sensors for monitoring external inputs, such as doors PTOs, lights and switches

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