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January 20th, 2015
Golden Software Releases MapViewer 8 with New Map Types and User-Interface Enhancements

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GOLDEN, Colo., Jan. 14, 2015—Golden Software, LLC, the leading developer of affordable scientific graphics software, announces the release of MapViewer 8, a mapping and spatial analysis software package for producing publication-quality thematic maps. 

Introduced in 1990, MapViewer has become one of the most powerful and easy-to-use thematic mapping software packages of its time. Designed primarily for scientists, engineers, business professionals, and those in academia, MapViewer offers sixteen unique and fully customizable map types. Users can easily overlay maps on multiple layers and add graticule lines, scale bars, legends, and title bars to create a professional and visually striking display. 

The most popular new feature in MapViewer 8 is the completely redesigned user-interface. The classic menu design has been abandoned in favor of the more user-friendly ribbon bar, which will bring to light the new features as well as some lesser-known features that already existed in previous versions. Additionally, the Object Manager has adopted a style more similar to that of Surfer, countless dialogs have been moved to an ever-present Property Manager, and a few of the smaller managers have been combined or removed for a more streamline workflow. 

Another exciting new feature is the addition of one completely new map type and three new options for existing map types. The new Multi-Graph Map allows a user to plot fully-customizable, unique line/scatter graphs in each boundary of their map. A Contiguous option has been added to the Cartogram Map to present a new and compelling way to display thematic map data. Symbol maps can now be colored according to a second variable, allowing for two times the information to be displayed in one dynamic map. Points on a Pin Map can now be sized proportionally, so a user picks a data column and minimum and maximum symbol sizes and MapViewer does the rest to create an impressive, informative map. 

Some additional, highly-requested features are: the addition of Download Online Maps from Surfer and Didger that allow a user to download raster base maps from online WMS servers, the ability to perform queries across multiple layers, and the ability to create class-based Hatch Maps and Territory Maps from text data columns. 

Comments from MapViewer customers and beta-testers after reviewing MapViewer 8:

  • “MapViewer is my favorite mapping software; it has more thematic map options than any other software package on the market in this country.” – Kazimierz J Zaniewski, Ph.D., Professor of Geography, Geography and Urban Planning, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
  • “Creating a good oil & gas base map is no easy task. All the high-dollar seismic software we use is good, but they all lack the flexibility that you guys provide.” – Jim Lance, Independent Geophysicist
  • “I LOVE the contiguous cartogram…very elegant.” – Bob McConnaughey, Ph.D., Epidemiology Support and Analysis, Research Triangle Park, NC, USA
  • “The new interface looks great and I am very happy to see the WMS support.” – Tobias Spears, Consultant, Spears Agile Solutions, Inc.

MapViewer 8 operates in a Microsoft® Windows environment with Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 (excluding RT). MapViewer 8 is now available for a retail price of $459, with quantity discounts available. Upgrades from any previous version of MapViewer are available for only $139. The full user’s guide can be purchased for just $25. MapViewer 8 includes free updates and free technical support. 

Visit to download a free MapViewer 8 demo and place an order.

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