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January 30th, 2009
GlobalMapper Upgraded to V 10.02

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PR – GlobalMapper has been upgraded to version 10.02.

Numerous significant enhancements and bug fixes have been made to Global Mapper for this release. The most significant changes are described below:

– Added ability to easily create strike-and-dip (geology) points by
right-clicking in the Digitizer Tool. You can now place your strike-and-dip
points and specify the dip value, azimuth angle, and symbol to use and get
the appropriate symbology displayed on the map.
– Added support for adding custom area fill styles from image files.
– Added support for rotating point symbols by a user-specified angle.
– Added option to the Digitizer Tool to calculate the minimum, maximum, and
average elevation values within selected area features.
– Added new ASSIGN_TYPE command to the scripting language to allow
classifying loaded vector features based on one or more attribute/display
label value queries.
– Added support for importing SOSI (a format commonly used for Norwegian
data) format files.

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