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August 4th, 2008
GIS meets Google Earth: SIG @ ESRI UC

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PR – With ImageMapper NG2 and Google Earth you are able to share the
valuable results of your GIS based work in attractive form to a
worldwide audience. HTML ImageMapper NG2 makes it possible to export
your GIS projects nearly 1:1 to Google Earth.

New features:

KML export: The cartography from ArcGIS is exported to Google Earth
Extrusion: Single objects of a FeatureClass can be exported to Google Earth and can be presented in 3D
Export with transparency settings

Expanded batch functionionality

  International HTML ImageMapper User Group Meeting

Date/Time: Tue, Aug 5, 12:00PM – 1:00PM
Location: Room 28 C
Presenter(s): Uwe Hain, alta4.

Users of the ArcGIS extension HTML ImageMapper are invited to attend
this meeting to share their ideas and network with other users from all
over the world. This is a great opportunity to
discuss your projects and learn about the latest software features,
e.g. the export of your maps to Google Earth.

is proud to have released the NG2 version just a couple of months ago.
ImageMapper has actually invented the tiling technology back in 1999
when they came out with the first version of HTML

then, the product has grown to an enterprise publishing solution which
not only helps you publish your maps to HTML format to be easily
consumed in a browser. ImageMapper now fully supports both
raster and vector export to Google Earth to view your MXD’s cartography
and attribute data in a 3D environment.

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