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March 2nd, 2009
GGA Leads Sustainable Urban Planning Movement with New Sustainable Urban Design Practice

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As awareness continues to build about the urgency of our global energy and environmental crisis, now, more than ever, business leaders, decision makers and American citizens are looking for solutions that will build a cleaner, greener future. This transition toward walkable communities and transit-oriented development is critical now. GGA’s new Sustainable Urban Design team is leading the paradigm shift from urban sprawl and oil-based transportation to compact, walkable mixed use communities based around rail systems. By redesigning our communities and transportation systems to allow for a walkable lifestyle, GGA is paving the way for a new, post-sprawl America.

The team is also laying the groundwork for a smooth transition to energy efficiency by promoting great places to live and work that also help to solve our serious environmental problems. GGA has taken a unique approach to sustainable urbanism by integrating urban development, land planning and green transportation with energy efficient buildings and communities. By developing a model for walkable urbanism that integrates public transportation and encourages sustainable living and mobility, the need for oil is reduced.
The team, led by Andy Kunz, Principal of Sustainable Urban Design and Planning, consists of LEED accredited experts in green building and sustainable planning and design. With more than 20 years of experience as a leading expert on sustainable urbanism, green transportation and placemaking, Mr. Kunz has worked on a wide range of projects in both the public and private sectors. A national award-winning designer, Mr. Kunz’s work includes the design of a mixed-use city on the site of the former Landover Mall in Landover, MD; the Eisenhower Valley Comprehensive Planning Project in Alexandria, VA; and a large infill project in historic Palm Beach, FL. These projects were all designed to change the planning paradigm from suburban sprawl into compact, walkable urbanism creating viable communities.
Mr. Kunz holds a Master of Architecture degree in Suburb and Town Design from the University of Miami and studied at the famous Prince’s Foundation in London. Prior to joining GGA, he worked for several notable design firms. Mr. Kunz’s work promotes walkable urbanism, transit oriented development, trains and sustainability. As a passionate supporter of this movement, he is the owner/publisher of a number of informational websites on the built environment including and A leading expert on sustainable urbanism, Mr. Kunz speaks regularly at planning and design conference worldwide and works with companies to help facilitate a company-wide transition toward sustainability. 
The full list of GGA’s urban design services includes: sustainable urban design, transit-oriented development, green transportation planning, urban and regional planning, landscape architecture, green building design, facilities evaluation and retrofits, renewable energy, presentations and workshops on sustainability.
Group Goetz Architects, a nationally recognized architectural design firm, is headquartered in Washington, DC, providing design excellence and innovation to its public and private sector clients. GGA is known for its quality design and forward thinking in the development of high-performance, flexible, and dynamic building environments balancing image, function and financial resources. For more information, contact Lauren Searl at 202.777.0493 or

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