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June 2nd, 2008
Getmapping Launch Aerial Insight

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PR – Getmapping has launched Aerial Insight a new online service that delivers Land Registry title plans, aerial photography, plus a composite of the two, within 1 day of purchase. Expected to appeal to conveyancers, lenders and property portfolio managers, Aerial Insight provides crucial information about a property and its surroundings that a plan alone cannot.

The arrival of Home Information Packs, already seen as a further opportunity to market properties, is likely to create considerable demand for this enhanced product. One of the key documents required for the sale of any property in the UK, a Land Registry title plan shows the extent of a property in the context of a map of the local area.


hile it is possible to locate the property accurately it is very difficult to ascertain any other details. By providing an aerial photograph of the same area and a composite with the title plan superimposed on top, it is possible to see many details that a title plan cannot display. The composite image will enable the viewer to see property boundaries, which can help with boundary disputes or identify little strips of private land, which might prevent access to the highway or additional land suited for development. Often referred to as ransom strips, these are retained by landowners and developers who wish to control or profit from future use for access.

“The real value of Aerial Insight is that it can reveal the true nature of the area, in which the property is situated,” said Tristram Cary, Managing Director of Getmapping. “The image composite will reveal the nature and character of the property and its surroundings and more importantly provide conveyancing professionals with the ability to spot potential problems or legal issues. It will also prove useful to those marketing the property as buyers will be interested to know whether a property is in a leafy suburb, set in rural farmland or close to an industrial site,” continued Cary. Aerial Insight is available from the Getmapping website, delivered by email as a layered PDF file.

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