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March 1st, 2009
GeoSamba Makes Life Easier with Active Directory Single Sign-on Support

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The sophisticated mapping and geographic analysis system GeoSamba Universal has become even more effective for business, thanks to its new Active Directory single sign-on support feature.
This allows users to log into a computer system just once – giving them access to all other network systems they have authorisation to use – without needing to sign in again.
Perth-based iintegrate Systems, a subsidiary of NGIS Australia, has enhanced its GeoSamba product with this function, recognising that many organisations are looking for single sign-on features in an effort to remove administrative overheads and improve user-experience.
“Single sign-on reduces the need for different name and password combinations and the amount of time spent re-entering passwords,” iintegrate Systems CEO Adam Hender said.
“The feature can also support conventional authentication, such as Windows Credentials, and maintain important security protocols when people enter and exit systems without having to prompt them for passwords time and again.
“There’s also centralised reporting to help with compliance and, ultimately, it lowers IT costs because fewer calls to helpdesks, relating to passwords, are required.”
Clients embracing the new GeoSamba single sign-on function include BHP Billiton and Conoco Phillips. “It’s simply a matter of responding to our clients’ needs and delivering effective results,” Mr Hender said.
The Active Directory single sign-on support feature is currently a beneficial extra feature and will come standard with the next release of GeoSamba Version 2.1.
GeoSamba Universal is available as a standard or enterprise system, ready for use off-the-shelf, by emailing More information is available at

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