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June 23rd, 2008
GE Water Solutions Selected for Pakistan’s National Clean Water Initiative

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PR – A visionary government program to provide clean drinking water
throughout Pakistan will use GE
ultrafiltration systems
at over a thousand distribution sites. This
initiative is expected to improve the lives of over one million people
by providing them access to treated water that meets World Health
Organization (WHO) standards.
About two thirds of Pakistans 169 million
people live in rural areas and many do not have access to a consistent
supply of safe, clean water. According to United Nations Childrens
Fund (UNICEF), as much as 40 percent of hospital beds in Pakistan are
occupied by patients suffering from water related diseases. The Homespring
ultrafiltration systems
will help safeguard human health by
efficiently and cost-effectively removing virtually all bacteria and
viruses from various water sources. GEs local
partner, Ideal Hydrotech
, will be responsible for system installation and operator
training during the next 12 months and for the ongoing maintenance of
the units.

We are extremely proud that GEs
Homespring systems are part of this incredible endeavor,
said Jeff Garwood, President and CEO, GE Water & Process Technologies. Our
water filtration capabilities are enabling Pakistan and other nations to
bypass costly infrastructure development to quickly and economically
provide clean water for people in remote areas.

Ideal Hydrotech Systems is very pleased to
be working with the Government of Pakistan and the CDWA to bring safe
drinking water to the people of our country,
said Nehal Saeed, COO of Ideal Hydrotech Systems, which is headquartered
in Austin, Texas USA with offices in Dubai and Pakistan. The
Government of Pakistan has entrusted us with the job of building and
operating drinking water plants at nearly 1,200 sites in the North West
Frontier Province alone one for every Union
Council or County. We have invested heavily in local resources to meet
the needs of the project, including a network of six offices and more
than 500 permanent staff. With the continued support of GE, we look
forward to working on several similar future projects in Pakistan.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) the majority of
water-related health problems are caused by microbial contamination.
Homesprings ecomagination-certified
ultrafiltration membranes require no chemicals or electricity to filter
water through billions of microscopic pores that physically block
pathogens from passing into the treated water supply. This is a
tremendous benefit for rural communities that can often face power
interruptions and significant challenges in reliably transporting and
storing large amounts of water treatment chemicals that other systems
may require. Homespring can also be paired with GEs
reverse osmosis membranes to remove chemical compounds from source
water. In remote areas, GE solar panels can provide electrical power,
resulting in a complete, self-sufficient water treatment system.

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