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October 28th, 2015
Fulfilment of FOREST EUROPE Commitments Analysed in Two New Publications

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Two important publications, in addition to the State of Europe’s Forests 2015 report, were released at the 7th FOREST EUROPE Ministerial Conference, held in Madrid, Spain, on 20-21 October 2015. These two new reports analyse different aspects related to the level of fulfilment of the FOREST EUROPE commitments adopted by the signatories of this process in previous Ministerial Conferences.

The first publication, entitled ‘Implementation of the FOREST EUROPE Commitments – National and pan-European actions 2011-2015’, examines the national and regional implementation of political commitments made through FOREST EUROPE resolutions, decisions, declarations and statements up to the 7th FOREST EUROPE Ministerial Conference.  In particular it focuses on the activities carried out since the 6thMinisterial Conference held in Oslo in 2011 in order to fulfil the agreements that were reached there.

This is the 4th monitoring report of its kind, and follows and updates those presented at the FOREST EUROPE Ministerial Conferences held in Vienna (2003), Warsaw (2007) and Oslo (2011).  It provides information on the level of implementation of the commitments by looking at the actions and measures taken (as well as the experience gained) by the FOREST EUROPE signatories.  It also provides a selection of success stories; effective actions carried out by countries as they put into practice the commitments.

The second publication, ‘Meeting the Goals for European Forests and the European 2020 Targets for Forests – Report on the Mid-term Evaluation of the Goals for European Forests and the European 2020 Targets for Forests’, was written by experts from the European Forest Institute (EFI).  Based on the available information of 29 of the 35 quantitative indicators and all the qualitative pan-European Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management, it includes a mid-term assessment on the implementation and achievement of the eight ‘Goals for European Forests’ and the nine ‘European 2020 Targets for Forests’ that support the shared vision agreed by the representatives of the FOREST EUROPE signatories at the Oslo Ministerial Conference in 2011.

Considered together the information provided in these two reports gives a comprehensive view of the level of achievement at both national and regional levels of the Goals and Targets adopted in Oslo.  The conclusions drawn from this analysis will also serve as background information for political discussions and the possible responses to current and future opportunities and challenges related to achieving the commitments made within the FOREST EUROPE process.

The report on “Implementation of the FOREST EUROPE Commitments – National and pan-European actions 2011-2015” can be downloaded from this link:

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