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June 16th, 2008
FME Addresses INSPIRE’s Critical Challenges: Semantic Translation and Data Sharing

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PR – Safe Software, the leader in spatial ETL (extract, transform and
load) is helping organizations involved in the INSPIRE spatial data
infrastructure (SDI) initiative overcome two critical challenges:
semantic translation and data sharing.

The Munich University of Technology (TUM) and the University of
Zurich (ETH) are working with con terra, Safe Software’s partner in
Germany, who is involved with the INSPIRE specification process for
metadata and network services. The Universities are using Safe
Software’s spatial ETL solution FME in their research to find a generic
way for the Cadastral Agencies of Germany and Switzerland to harmonize
their spatial data, while taking into account the specifications of the
INSPIRE initiative.

"We are facing this data harmonization challenge with the help of
FME’s sophisticated data schema transformation capabilities and are
using FME Server as our web feature service (WFS) for distributing
transformed spatial data," says Dr.-Ing. Andreas Donaubauer, Project
Manager for the Model Driven WFS project at TUM.

FME enables organizations to not only translate spatial data between
systems but also to transform the data into the community-accepted data
model. FME’s semantic translation technology supports over 200 formats,
including SOSI, EDIGEO and NEN 3610 and OGC specifications chosen by
the INSPIRE directive, as well as European coordinate systems.

Once spatial data matches the specified model, organizations can
stream out data views which are separate from the physical layout of
the data using FME Server’s web services including data download, data
streaming and the OGC WFS. This allows organizations to maintain their
internal systems while contributing spatial data to the INSPIRE

"We are pleased to see the many ways that FME is solving the needs
of organizations working on INSPIRE and other SDI initiatives," says
Don Murray, President of Safe Software. "We are committed to providing
solutions which enable organizations to achieve their SDI objectives,
and growing our technology to meet the evolving needs of the industry."

Work is currently underway for FME 2009 to continue providing
support for European customers involved in the INSPIRE initiative,
including a more integrated view of metadata and continued support for
updated coordinate systems.

Murray will demonstrate semantic translation and data sharing in
action at the European Commission INSPIRE Conference 2008. His
presentation on "Apply the power of Server-based Spatial ETL to Spatial
Data Infrastructure (SDI) Initiatives" will be given on June 25, 2008
at 16:00 hrs. For more information, please attend the presentation,
visit the Safe Software booth or visit

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