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February 14th, 2009
ESRI’s ArcGIS for Situational Awareness Now Available

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Meeting the complex challenges of homeland security, emergency management, and public safety organizations, ESRI has released ArcGIS for Situational Awareness. This hardware, software, and data bundle provides a complete framework for geospatial intelligence and decision making. It gives organizations enterprise access to timely and accurate information about their operations and events. Security executives, incident managers, analysts, operators, and others, can use the bundle to prepare for potential emergencies and respond effectively when they occur. It also provides accurate, real-time monitoring and updates of events on the ground as well as decision support analysis.

ArcGIS for Situational Awareness bridges the gap between meeting complex mission requirements and managing budgetary constraints with limited resources. Organizations can fuse complex, disparate datasets, including GeoRSS feeds, live traffic camera feeds, and live weather feeds, with their existing data to ensure complete, high-quality analysis. The bundle supplies a powerful integration platform that links data, workflows, individuals, and organizations. Agencies can effectively manage both natural and man-made emergencies as well as collaborate with stakeholders and other response organizations.
ArcGIS for Situational Awareness includes the following features:

The Data Fusion & Analysis Appliance comes preconfigured with ESRI’s ArcGIS technology and provides the foundation that supports data management, analysis, visualization, and dissemination.

The Data Appliance comes preloaded with terabytes of prerendered national and global imagery, street and transportation data, administrative boundaries, and topographic maps.

The Common Operational Picture (COP) Viewer is a flexible, browser-based 2D client that provides an intuitive, visually rich, and responsive common operational picture. The COP Viewer is delivered as a ready-to-use solution that you can easily customize to create an enhanced level of situational awareness.

The 3D Desktop client allows you to easily view, analyze, and share geographic information. You can freely distribute the client, providing a great way to share your maps and actionable intelligence with internal and external stakeholders.
The Data Management & Authoring client is a powerful desktop program to manage, author, and publish data for use with the included clients or any Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC)-compliant WMS, WFS, or KML client.

ArcGIS for Situational Awareness, which is available in the United States, also includes implementation and training services. In addition to installing and configuring the applications and clients, ESRI Professional Services hosts an on-site technology transfer session to help users kick-start their projects. ESRI Educational Services provides 21 days of instructor-led training at an ESRI training site and nine Web course modules.

To learn more about ArcGIS for Situational Awareness and view a demo of the new Common Operational Picture Viewer, please visit

About ESRI
Since 1969, ESRI has been giving customers around the world the power to think and plan geographically. The market leader in GIS, ESRI software is used in more than 300,000 organizations worldwide including each of the 200 largest cities in the United States, most national governments, more than two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies, and more than 7,000 colleges and universities. ESRI applications, running on more than one million desktops and thousands of Web and enterprise servers, provide the backbone for the world’s mapping and spatial analysis. ESRI is the only vendor that provides complete technical solutions for desktop, mobile, server, and Internet platforms. Visit us at

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