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December 23rd, 2008
EcoSystem Corporation Appoints Glen Courtright President and CEO

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PR – EcoSystem Corporation is pleased to announce
the appointment of Glen Courtright as President and Chief Executive
Mr. Courtright has over 25 years industry experience with a proven track
record in the development, commercialization, implementation and
management of new technologies in the energy, oil and gas and
telecommunications sectors. Mr. Courtright conceived and commercialized
innovative technologies that integrated telecommunications and sensor
technology to solve critical process control problems. Examples of Mr.
Courtright’s solutions include instrumentation and data mining systems
for hybrid electric power generation systems, development of automated
telematics solutions for the automotive industry, remote asset
management and security systems for hazardous material transport,
efficient and cost effective solutions for regional biofuel production,
and remote sensing and control systems for petroleum distribution.

“EcoSystem’s innovative approach to resource management is unorthodox
but amazingly practical,” said Glen Courtright, EcoSystem’s new
President and Chief Executive Officer. “EcoSystem is developing
engineered ecosystems that are specifically designed to apply various
biological solutions that already exist in nature to some of the most
costly and difficult of our environmental challenges. This is exciting
and timely work and I am looking forward to leading EcoSystem as we
build value for our shareholders and work to protect our environment.”

Detailed information regarding EcoSystem’s bioreactor technologies,
development plans and business model will be made available early next
year at

Prior to joining EcoSystem, Mr. Courtright was President of CTS
Corporation from 2007 to 2008, where he provided engineering and
management services to the renewable energy, petroleum,
telecommunications, and automotive industries. From 1997 to 2007, Mr.
Courtright was Vice President at Science Applications International
Corporation (SAIC) where he provided strategic leadership for technology
development for Fortune 50 customers in the automotive, energy, and
telecommunications. Mr. Courtright also has military experience as an
officer in the United States Navy.

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