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March 31st, 2009
Earthmine Launches New Hardware Platform; Unveils Partner Programs

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earthmine, Inc., a street-level 3D mapping company, announced the
immediate availability of their new data acquisition hardware platform
today at SPAR 2009, allowing for the collection of high quality data in
any type of environment around the world.  At the same time, the
company unveiled two new partner programs designed to support customer
data collection needs – the earthmine Project Partner and earthmine
Collection Partner programs.  Both programs are available now and give
customers direct control over when and where data is collected, using
either earthmine operated vehicles or by purchasing the hardware
platform for independent collection.  Both announcements support the
company’s focus on delivering street level imagery and 3D data as a
service to organizations that gather, analyze and communicate
location-based information. 

“The data collection capability of the new hardware system will
change how people think about when and where to use mobile 3D mapping,”
said Anthony Fassero, co-founder and co-CEO of earthmine.  “The
hardware makes it possible to map entire cities and metropolitan areas
in the matter of days, at a cost that makes it difficult to justify
sending out ground crews. Our Collection and Project Partners are not
only impressing potential customers with a much more visual product,
they are able to remain competitive in the bidding process. People are
naturally drawn to the panoramic imagery, but it’s the accurate 3D data
and GIS connectivity that changes the customer’s thinking from a ‘nice
to have’ to a ‘need to have’.”

earthmine is focused on a wide range of market segments, including
engineering and construction, infrastructure and asset management, real
estate, architecture and design, homeland security, disaster management
and emergency services, transportation, local search and companies
delivering innovative solutions in the consumer and mobile space.

Hardware Platform Improvements
earthmine’s robust and durable new data collection system delivers
an IP 65 rating against dust and water, making it capable of operating
in both wet and dry climates. The vertically offset stereo-panoramic
camera array generates full 360 degree by 180 degree spherical imagery
and 3D data that is globally positioned and oriented through the
onboard survey grade GPS/IMU sensors. Panoramic images are generated
from the system on a consistent distance based interval and feature 50
megapixels of detail, 14 bit dynamic range, and an average of 5 million
unique 3D points each. The custom cameras are self-calibrating, and are
fully tested and certified for a minimum of one year of daily
operation, or four million cycles. Since each pixel in every panoramic
image has latitude, longitude and elevation coordinate accurate to less
than one meter globally, it is ideal for large scale city
infrastructure and asset mapping applications.

Data collection is automatic when driving, controlled through a
laptop running earthmine’s Capture Control software, and provides the
driver a simple and easy to use interface to the data collection
activities.  Data is transferred to the RAID storage device for
shipping and is able store up to 600 linear miles of data at a time.
Project and Collection Partner Programs
earthmine currently supports data collected from twelve major
municipalities around the West Coast.  To quickly expand the data
collection process across the United States and around the world, as
well as provide customers with control over where and when data is
collected, earthmine has created two programs – The Project Partner and
Collection Partner programs.  Both programs are currently available to
customers worldwide. 

Project Partner Program
Ideal for companies pursuing large scale projects that require
comprehensive data collection, the Project Partner Program requires no
upfront cost to sign up. Through the program, new data collection is
scheduled with earthmine, collected by earthmine, and made available
online for Partners to access. This service comes at no additional cost
to Project Partners who receive earthmine’s standard professional rate
for the new data collection service.

“We were impressed at the combination of imagery and 3D data that
earthmine’s solution generates,” said Eric LaBrie, Vice President of
ESM Consulting Engineers, “Becoming a Project Partner has allowed us to
add a very unique product to our service line, which gives us an edge
over our competition. Potential customers are immediately sold on
earthmine’s highly-visual approach to mapping, and they really like the
ability to have a customized application tailored for their specific
project. We are currently offering earthmine’s solution in conjunction
with traditional surveying techniques to add value to large scale, city
and county wide mapping and GIS projects.”

Collection Partner Program
The Collection Partner Program is ideal for companies that have ongoing
data collection projects, operate in remote locations, or need to
respond rapidly to customers’ mapping needs. earthmine Collection
Partners own and operate earthmine produced data collection systems,
and are provided with all earthmine software and services for data
management and online delivery to their customers.

“I am always looking for the latest solutions to bring to my
customers,” said Dennis Hirota, President of the civil engineering,
land surveying, and mapping company Sam O. Hirota Inc., “From day one I
was intrigued by earthmine’s technology, but it is important for me to
have full control over when and where data is collected. When I heard
that I could purchase an earthmine system, I wanted to be the first to
bring this solution to market in the State of Hawaii. For me, having
the technological and competitive edge is critical for my business.”
Costs for the program include the initial hardware purchase and a per
mile service fee for data processing and online hosting, including hard
drive service, shipping service, data archiving service, processing
service, online hosting service, and API software for custom
application development and deployment.

For more information about these customer programs, visit

About earthmine
earthmine inc. is a street level, 3D mapping company that provides
software and data as a service to those who gather, analyze and
communicate location-based information from a street-level
perspective.  The company is focused on indexing reality, creating a
robust geospatial data mine of our urban environments that is accessed
from the human perspective. earthmine solutions enable better informed
and more effective geospatial decision making by delivering a highly
accurate and realistic user experience that can be easily viewed,
annotated, analyzed, measured and shared.  The company was featured at
DEMO in Fall 2007, and received a Crunchies Award for Best Technology
Innovation/Achievement from TechCrunch in January 2008. earthmine,
headquartered in Berkeley, California, was founded in 2006 and is
privately-held. For more information go to; Follow
earthmine on Twitter at

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