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July 22nd, 2008
Earth Search Engaged in Negotiations to Acquire General Synfuels International

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PR — Earth Search Sciences, Inc., (OTCBB:ESSE), today announced negotiations
are underway for the acquisition of a private company, General Synfuels
International, Inc.

General Synfuels International, Inc. has been undertaking the research
and development of a new method to recover the oil and gas carried
within oil shale. After many years of testing, a patent was assigned to
the company in 2006. The method of recovery of the hydrocarbons is
based on an environmentally acceptable gasification process.

Earth Search’s subsidiary company, Petro Probe, Inc., has been
examining the process through a license and has completed due diligence
to indicate the value of the process may exceed all expectations. For
further information on Petro Probe’s efforts, see

According to Larry F. Vance, chairman of Earth Search Sciences,
the acquisition of General Synfuels International will position ESSI to
attract the capital and partnerships necessary to build the planned
test gasification facility.

"This acquisition augments Earth Search’s strategic focus to
use new technology in the environmentally-acceptable exploration,
discovery and development of the Earth’s economic resources," said

About Earth Search Sciences

Earth Search Sciences, Inc.’s (OTCBB:ESSE) revolutionary
hyperspectral technology provides the ability to accurately read the
chemical properties of surface substances from great altitudes and
produce easily interpreted maps allowing the user to identify specific
minerals and substances on the surface of the earth by their diagnostic
reflectance patterns. Ultimately, this remote sensing capability
identifies a greater number of exploration targets quickly and
economically, monitors the environmental situation, and improves the
probability of finding anomalies. Older, more conventional methods
would take decades to cover the same area, and at a much greater cost.
Within the realm of exploration, remote sensing does not replace the
need for geological knowledge, geochemistry, geophysics, seismic,
drilling, etc., which are some of the more conventional tools used for

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