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June 28th, 2008
Dublin Bus Goes Live with New Bus Stop System Based on eSpatial’s iSMART

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PR – eSpatial, a global enterprise geospatial software and technology
company today announced that Dublin Bus, the major public transport
provider in the greater Dublin Area, Ireland, has gone live with a new
Bus Stop Database system based on the eSpatial iSMART® product suite.
The transport company will use the system internally for the data
capture, analysis, storage and maintenance of bus-stop information.

Built using eSpatial’s award winning iSMART® technology, the new Bus
Stop System (BSS) modernises the processing of bus stop information
(information that was previously held in disparate spreadsheets and
databases) and enables selected personnel to capture and update of
associated bus stop data, bus route information and journey patterns In
addition to reference information held in text form, the system holds
photographs, GPS co-ordinates and relevant documents associated with
Dublin bus stops. The mapping component, based on iSMART, enables users
to capture, view and query data in a seamless manner, all from a
standard web browser. A planned AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) system
will also utilise the information contained within the database.

This is a server centric, integrated system in a standard
non-proprietary environment; having a single instance of all attribute,
mapping and data stored in an Oracle Database. BSS is built using
Oracle 10g Application Server and Oracle 10g. Oracle provides the
capability to store spatial data is increasingly becoming the de facto
standard for spatial data storage within the GIS industry. eSpatial is
at the forefront of delivering sophisticated and powerful applications
on this platform.

John Caulfield, Solutions Director, Oracle Ireland said “iSMART,
together with the Oracle database, offers Dublin Bus a low cost,
multi-user, web application including viewing, editing, analysis and
management of its data and we’re delighted to see the Dublin Bus
Mapping Solution go live.”

Donal Keating, Dublin Bus Manager Operations Support, “Dublin Bus is
excited about the new Bus Stop System built by eSpatial, a global GIS
software and technology company, headquartered here in Dublin. We’re
particularly pleased with the asset management capabilities this system
provides us with, in addition, as everything is now web-based, there is
excellent return on investment.”

Philip O’Doherty, eSpatial CEO added, “We’re proud to deliver this
solution to Dublin Bus and the capabilities in this application further
establishes eSpatial as a market leader in providing on-line mapping
and location applications that support and integrate with real-world
internal and external business systems.”

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