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January 12th, 2008
Difres becomes DTU Aqua

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From 1 January 2008 the Danish Institute for
Fisheries Research has changed its name to DTU Aqua, National Institute
of Aquatic Resources. The new name is part of a general change of the structure of institute names at The Technical University of Denmark. Managing Director Fritz Köster explains about the new name: Our new name “National Institute of Aquatic
Resources” shows that we work with the structure and function of
aquatic ecosystems and that our research is directed towards all
aspects of living sea and freshwater resources, i.e. development of new
fisheries technology, assessment of fish stocks, rearing methods and
food production.”

“Fisheries, aquaculture and food production will
continue as the focus of our research and our public-sector
consultancy, but in the future strengthened by enhanced activities
within education and innovation.” 

The new name will be implemented on our website, emails etc. during the first quarter of 2008.

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