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February 13th, 2009
Competitive Mobile Mapping Solution

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PR – An OxTS Inertial+ and a Riegl Q120 economical laser scanner can be used together to make a cost-effective mobile mapping solution. The OxTS Inertial+ is a low-cost inertial and GPS navigation system, ideal for correcting LIDAR systems. The Riegl Q120 timestamps its data using GPS time so that it can be merged accurately with the Inertial+ measurements. The result is a point cloud that is geo-referenced.

“Mobile mapping is becoming more accepted and understood. It is the price that is stopping it from being a mass solution. Using products like the Inertial+ and the Q120 you can get a low cost solution that provides excellent results,” explains Brendan Watts, Director of OxTS.

The Inertial+ and the Q120 have been used in projects such as power line monitoring where the systems are mounted on a helicopter or light aircraft. Road applications include measuring vegetation along roads prior to hedge trimming.

Road safety can make use of mobile mapping because it gives information about how far round a bend a driver can see. Improving road safety is an important project for the European Union and many companies are looking at ways of giving clearer information to drivers about road hazards.

For more information on using an OxTS inertial navigation system with the Riegl Q120 see

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