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April 1st, 2009
City of Prague Collects Data for New Urban Base Map Using Bentley’s Geospatial Software

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Bentley Systems, Incorporated, the leading company dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for the infrastructure that sustains our world, today announced that T-MAPY, a specialized geospatial solutions provider in the Czech Republic, successfully deployed Bentley Geospatial Server to manage the collection and editing of urban digital data within the long-term project of creating a new Digital Map of Prague (DMP). The new system based on Bentley’s enterprise GIS platform replaces one that could not automate the workflow or produce an audit trail, and that required too much effort and too many man-hours to process a single map edit. T-MAPY selected Bentley Geospatial Server as the backbone of the new system because the enterprise workflow engine will efficiently manage the workflow of the subcontractors, who will collect, access, and edit the GIS data stored in Oracle Spatial 10g. Another advantage of the Bentley Geospatial Server is its customizable workflow, which allows the precise steps of the DMP data collection and editing to be supported in detail.

Now with Bentley Map and Bentley PowerMap, operators will be able to edit and update more than 12,000 buildings, streets, utility connections, and other infrastructure changes to the city’s digital map annually. By capitalizing on the CAD accuracy and powerful editing capabilities of Bentley’s mapping products, T-MAPY has been able to meet the city’s need for a digital mapping system that can achieve the required level of data integrity and productivity that the city of Prague has specified. Both T-MAPY and the city of Prague anticipate a two-and-a-half-year return on its investment in this innovative technology.

“Bentley Map and Bentley PowerMap’s superior data capture and editing capabilities have streamlined the city of Prague’s map production workflow beyond its expectations,” said Jiri Bradac, project director for T-MAPY. “Clearly, this software is much richer in capabilities and more productive than any other option we considered. Bentley technology is also cost-effective – which it has to be since much of the data capture and editing tasks are outsourced to third-party surveying companies that cannot, and will not, use unwieldy, inaccurate, and expensive systems.”

Bradac continued, “The system’s ability to perform thousands of digital map changes as utility connections and new buildings are constructed saves government departments thousands of man-hours a year, and reduces costs significantly. Further, because the Bentley Geospatial Server enforces a standardized workflow and generates an audit trail for all documents and modifications to those documents, we can ensure total data integrity as we build the new base map. These are capabilities that only Bentley software can deliver.”

About Bentley Geospatial Server
Bentley Geospatial Server brings together information in spatial databases, drawings, business documents, and other forms through a unique federated information management approach. Information in enterprise databases, legacy and departmental systems, and project-based data in virtually any format is accessible to users through a spatial interface. Information is managed through a unique approach that relies on indexing rather than converting information to a common format. This allows information to remain in its original form where it can be found, viewed, and edited via the user’s favorite tools launched directly from the Bentley Geospatial Server interface. It’s possible to use spatial and nonspatial criteria to find the information of interest and ensure, with spatial referencing, that information in a given area or location is never missed. Bentley Geospatial Server also supports enterprise workflows, and enterprise printing and plotting.

About Bentley Map
Bentley Map is a fully featured desktop GIS designed to address the unique and challenging needs of organizations that map, plan, design, build, and operate the world’s infrastructure. It enhances underlying MicroStation capabilities to power precision geospatial data creation, maintenance, and analysis.

About Bentley PowerMap

Bentley PowerMap provides powerful and precise geospatial data creation, maintenance, and analysis and is ideal for standalone mapping tasks. Users can easily integrate data from a wide variety of geospatial data sources into engineering and mapping workflows. Multiple data types with varying coordinate systems are also transformed on-the-fly as they are integrated with Bentley PowerMap.

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