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December 18th, 2014
Cadcorp Announces a Major Upgrade of its Flagship Web Mapping Product

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STEVENAGE, UK, Dec. 18, 2014—Cadcorp, the UK based developer and supplier of GIS and web mapping software, has unveiled Web Map Layers 8.0. The web mapping application, which is widely-used for sharing geographic information with the public, has been completely redesigned.  It features a simpler and responsive user interface, provides more functionality and creates a tighter binding to the data it serves.

“People want answers to ‘where’ questions not only when they are sitting at their PC at home, but also when they are out and about” noted Mike O’Neil, CEO of Cadcorp. “Accordingly Web Map Layers has been made even easier to use and the user experience tailored to the device a person is using.”

The Web Map Layers interface now responds automatically to the device being used to access the application.  When a mobile device or tablet is detected, a much simplified mobile interface is launched. This features finger-tap data interrogation and navigation, a Quick Search facility and geolocation detection.

Central to Web Map Layers 8.0 is a stand-alone web service called Local Knowledge™. It provides answers to questions commonly asked about a locality such as:  What is near? How many are near? How far are they? It also provides summary statistics.

Steve Cox, Applications Development Manager at Cadcorp, commented “Web Map Layers 8.0 is more than a web map publishing system, I prefer to refer to it as intelligent web mapping. The application has always been able to consume OGC WMS, WMTS, WFS and tile cache services. However, it can now consume directly any data held in a Cadcorp SIS project. This gives the application – and the user – the ability to deploy spatial data in over 160 CAD, GIS, web and database formats without translation. It also means that organisations can build a Cadcorp SIS project once and use this to serve maps to embedded GIS applications as well as to multiple device types – desktop, web and mobile.

Other changes introduced in the new version include the ability to print both directly, and to PDF, from a single workflow. Drawing tools for the creation of areas, lines, circles, points and text, have been greatly simplified. Similarly navigation is now much simpler, with panning and zooming being controlled by only the mouse and gestures. A new dialogue allows maps to be shared using Twitter, Facebook and Google+. An option has been provided to shorten the URL and users can create and store their own bookmarks and Home location. Security, permissions, and map settings can now be configured using an Online Admin Interface and support has been added for WMTS and Bing Maps as background mapping.

“Web Map Layers has always been intended for use by for non-expert users,” noted Mike O’Neil, “Such users demand, above all, that applications be simple and intuitive. We are confident that with Web Map Layers 8.0 we have taken simplicity and ease of use in web mapping to a new level.”

More details can be found on the Cadcorp website at


Cadcorp is a British software development company focused on geographic information system (GIS) and web mapping software. It offers a complete suite of products – the Cadcorp Spatial Information System® (Cadcorp SIS®) – addressing all phases of spatial information management.  Cadcorp SIS is available worldwide through a network of Cadcorp partners and through a direct sales team in the UK and Ireland. For more information visit

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