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December 20th, 2008
Brazilian Utilities AES Sul and Eletropaulo Sign Enterprise License Agreement with ESRI

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PR – Two major Brazilian
electric distribution companies, AES Sul and AES Eletropaulo, signed an
enterprise license agreement (ELA) with ESRI’s Brazilian distributor Imagem
Geosistemas E Comércio Ltda. The ELA will provide deployments of current ESRI
geographic information system (GIS) software for the desktop and server as well
as support, training, and maintenance. Both utilities are taking advantage of
this program, which allows them to expand GIS technology across the company
while keeping costs low.

Sul recently integrated its accounting data from SAP with the physical data in
its GIS. ESRI’s ArcGIS platform enables the development of GIS visualization
and geoprocessing services that can easily be used by other platforms, such as
SAP NetWeaver, to create composite applications specifically for utilities.
Using ArcGIS Mobile and ArcGIS Server technologies, AES Sul field crews keep
data fresh with real-time updates of work orders and customer information.

the integrated platform, AES Sul has the guarantee of automatic updates that
were in the past manual and not completely reliable," said Sandra Heck,
GIS coordinator for AES Sul. "Asset management is conducted through a
unique channel that involves access to data through the SAP and GIS

Eletropaulo uses GIS to meet and keep its
company-wide goal of more rapid response to work orders and outages. The
utility recently updated its distribution maps and customer database within an
ArcGIS platform.

implementation of enterprise GIS, we have seen marked success in the
productivity and quality in our work as well as a significant reduction in
operating cost," said Silvio Baldan, a business analyst with AES
Eletropaulo. "We are a company with the highest level of technology
related to the electric assets. It is essential for us to be aligned with
international best practices, and this includes the use of GIS from ESRI."

Sul and AES Eletropaulo are divisions of major international power company AES.
As one of the world’s largest power companies, AES owns and operates a diverse
and growing portfolio of generation and distribution businesses with the
capacity to serve 100 million people worldwide. AES Eletropaulo serves six
million customers in 24 municipal districts of the metropolitan area of São
Paulo. AES Sul serves one million consumers in the metropolitan region of Porto
Alegre, the Rio Pardo and Taquari Valleys, and the central and western frontier

are pleased to support AES Sul and Eletropaulo with this new agreement,"
said Gustavo Dias, a GIS expert with Imagem. "This ELA will save the time
and money typically expended on updating GIS technology. Instead, the utilities
will be able to focus on asset management, customer service, and expansion of

core technology for the ELA is ESRI’s ArcGIS software, a complete system to author,
serve, and use geographic information. The technology provides geographic
information to those who need it, including analysts, decision makers, and
field staff, through its support of mobile, Web, and desktop clients.

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