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April 4th, 2008
Bentley Wins FIATECH CETI Award

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PR — Bentley Systems, Incorporated today announced that it has won a FIATECH Celebration of Engineering & Technology Innovation (CETI) Award in the Lifecycle Data Management & Information Integration category. The award was accepted on behalf of Bentley by Dr. Manoj Dharwadkar, Bentley director, technology management, and Rahul Patil, Bentley software engineer, during FIATECH’s annual conference in New Orleans.

It honors Bentley for its collaboration on FIATECH’s “Accelerating the
Deployment of the ISO 15926” (ADI) project, and recognizes Bentley’s
extensive work this past year on the ISO 15926 international standard
for process plant information, including:

·      Development of Adaptive Information Models based on ISO 15926 Reference Data Library.
·      Development of ISO 15926 adapters for Bentley products.
·      Development of Bentley Class Editor for managing the Adaptive Information Models and data mappings and the implementation of ISO 15926 Part 7 WIP facade (Web Services) within it. This technology provides a user-friendly view of ISO 15926 information models to the domain experts who want to contribute to the standard, as well as to the implementers who want to write adapters to the neutral standard. Bentley has offered complimentary copies of the Bentley Class Editor to FIATECH and POSC Caesar members.
·      Collaboration with leading contractors on ISO 15926 implementation issues.
A direct result of this work was Bentley’s introduction at daratechPLANT2008 of OpenPlant, the first range of software products for the creation and management of plant infrastructure inherently based on the ISO 15926 standard. Bentley’s OpenPlant products enable collaboration by solving the problems inherent in a distributed enterprise that spans disparate systems. The OpenPlant hallmark is a seamless federation for sharing and reusing consistent and accurate data among distributed teams and work packages throughout the plant lifecycle. Bentley’s first ISO 15926-compliant offering was its ProjectWise Lifecycle Server. At daratechPLANT2008, Bentley introduced OpenPlant PowerPID, the only commercial P&ID solution to be based on a completely open data model.
Commenting on Bentley’s award, Dr. Richard H.F. Jackson, director of FIATECH, said, “Clearly, Bentley is steadfast in its commitment to data interoperability using open industry standards and continues to be a leader in providing the vision for and fostering the widespread adoption of ISO 15926. Bentley is implementing ISO 15926 at the core of its existing plant offerings and earlier this year said that all future Bentley plant applications will be ISO 15926-based. This will allow interoperability among Bentley’s software solutions and third-party ISO 15926-based solutions in a consistent way.”
“Bentley is honored by this recognition and looks forward to continuing its work with FIATECH,” said Rob Whitesell, vice president, Bentley Plant, Building, and Structural development. “Without question, FIATECH, in collaboration with POSC Caesar Association, has made great strides in accelerating standardization activities around ISO 15926. Bentley is actively engaged in these important efforts through, for example, the contributions of Manoj, Rahul, and other Bentley colleagues in support of the FIATECH ADI and POSC Caesar projects. At the same time, Bentley is aggressively implementing emerging interoperability standards in our comprehensive portfolio of solutions and products.”
Whitesell continued, “As CEO Greg Bentley announced at daratechPLANT2008, Bentley has become the first plant creation software vendor to deliver truly open solutions, including our adoption of ISO 15926 data models as the basis for the next version of all of our plant applications. By basing our OpenPlant products on ISO 15926, we are enabling project teams and plant owner-operators to reduce downtime, increase plant safety, and deliver greater flexibility and productivity to stimulate innovative engineering and operations for sustaining infrastructure.”
About ADI
More than 30 FIATECH owners, contractors, equipment suppliers, and software providers are working together in the jointly funded ADI project, along with the POSC Caesar Association and DNV, to create a WIP ISO 15926 online reference data library. This library includes lifecycle information models as well as software interface tools for process industry lifecycle information integration.
About OpenPlant’s ProjectWise Lifecycle Server
ProjectWise Lifecycle Server supports Bentley’s standards-based engineering data warehouse, addressing engineering automation and other asset information management needs for the full plant lifecycle. Built on ISO 15926, ProjectWise Lifecycle Server accordingly offers unprecedented interoperability – providing the ability to share data across Bentley and competitive plant applications, and with enterprise IT environments. For more information about ProjectWise Lifecycle Server, visit
About OpenPlant PowerPID
Bentley’s OpenPlant PowerPID is the only commercial software for process and instrumentation diagrams to be based on a completely open data model. Because the native data model schema for OpenPlant PowerPID is ISO 15926, any data that is mapped to the ISO 15926 schema can natively interoperate with OpenPlant PowerPID. This means that any plant schematics created with OpenPlant PowerPID can be shared without the need for complex application programming interfaces. The data is stored and maintained in a neutral, nonproprietary format that can be accessed by any application that is mapped to the ISO 15926 schema. For more information about OpenPlant PowerPID, visit
FIATECH is an industry consortium that provides global leadership in identifying and accelerating the development, demonstration, and deployment of fully integrated and automated technologies to deliver the highest business value throughout the lifecycle of all types of capital projects. For more information about FIATECH, visit
About POSC Caesar Association
POSC Caesar is a global, nonprofit organization that promotes the development of open specifications to be used as standards for enabling the interoperability of data, software, and related matters. For more information about POSC Caesar, visit

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