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February 13th, 2008
Automated Meter Reading (AMR) Market Report 2007

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PR – According to Federal Energy Regulatory Authority (FERC), advanced metering refers to the full measurement and collection system, and includes customer meters, communication networks, and data management systems.

This full measurement and collection system is commonly referred to as advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). In functionality, AMR is a technology which automatically collects data from energy metering devices like water, gas, electric and transfers that data to a central database for analysis and billing purposes. The benefits of advanced meter readings are no longer limited to the tracking of demand and the quality and reliability of supply. The current report – Automated Meter Reading (AMR) Market Report 2007 focuses on the technology behind the advanced metering along with the concept and the uses of it. Then report will discuss in detail the North American market for advanced metering including separate discussions on U.S. and Canadian markets and various segments of the overall market, namely electric, natural gas and water. Report further discusses the factors that are influencing the growth in the market and challenges that advanced metering is facing for further development. Report also features cost-benefit analysis of advanced metering market followed by profiles of leading players in the market and profiles of successful AMR deployment in the North American market.

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