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January 6th, 2016
AirVisual Launches Free Air Pollution Forecasts for More than 5,000 Cities Worldwide

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BEIJING, Jan. 6, 2016—AirVisual, a social enterprise providing air quality tools and information, now offers free air pollution forecasts for more than 5,000 cities worldwide. The forecasts are available on both a web and mobile platform to empower residents and business to make healthier and more effective decisions.

Air quality can change from healthy to toxic in a matter of hours in areas around agricultural, industrial and urban zones, as well as in cities of developing countries. AirVisual’s air quality forecasts uses cutting-edge machine learning technologies that analyzes more than 100 million data points daily to achieve unprecedented accuracies. These predictions are derived from factors such as historical information, weather trends, wind movement, geography, human behavioral patterns and current air pollution readings in surrounding areas.

“Forecasting air pollution can be much more complicated than forecasting weather,” explains Kelsey Duska, AirVisual Project Lead, “Our objective is to make it easy for people to visualize the air quality of their environment. As big data specialists, we can tell a story of where the pollution is coming from, where it is going and how long it will linger, to enable users to take control of their environments, and therefore, health.”

“Deep machine learning technologies benefit from more data,” says Duska. “In our case, a constant supply of information from thousands of monitoring stations enables us to find new data patterns and trends – and achieve accuracies we never knew were possible until now.”

Air pollution forecast information** is used to gain a business edge, plan physical activities or remind people to turn on their air purifiers and wear protective masks. AirVisual’s three-day air quality forecasts are now free to access on their air quality website and the AirVisual app, available worldwide, in several languages, on the iOS AppStore and Android market.

About AirVisual

AirVisual provides the tools and information people need to thrive in polluted environments. By employing big data, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technologies, AirVisual delivers user-friendly, simple solutions to optimize health and well-being, both indoors and out. To learn more about air quality, its impacts on health and pollution forecasts, please visit

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