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April 5th, 2008
AeroVironment Awarded Patents for Architectural Wind Building-Integrated Energy Generation System

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PR – AeroVironment, Inc. has been awarded three utility patents and six design patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) along with 12 European design patents relating to new approaches to renewable energy generation on buildings. The USPTO awarded the patents relating to the incorporation of AV’s Architectural Wind® system on rooftops.

The utility patents address a method for identifying the specific area over the edge of certain building types where the wind accelerates, and harnessing the energy in this acceleration zone through careful placement of a specially designed wind turbine to maximize electricity generation. These patents also cover an approach to enabling modular, rapid installation of these systems on the building to minimize time and cost.

AVs prospective customers for Architectural Wind® systems are committed to demonstrating sustainable practices in energy and resource management, said Mike Bissonette, vice president and general manager of AVs Energy Technology Center. Our building-integrated wind energy system is designed to provide these leaders with a fresh and highly visible approach to clean energy generation with a goal of providing a payback that is comparable to or better than that of photovoltaic systems.

The utility patents cover wind turbine assembly features, building attachment methods, and positioning procedures. They provide details on a unique system that aligns numerous small, individual wind turbines atop and along parapets of buildings the size and shape commonly used for big box warehouse stores. The Architectural Wind® system uses the natural wind flow over a building without ducts or flow turning devices, while leaving sufficient design space for architects to explore shrouds, canopies and other ways to integrate the system along the parapet and into the building design.

AV is a pioneer in advanced energy system technologies. Since 1977, it has maintained a continuous presence in wind power technology, conducting more than 250 sponsored projects and investing in, developing, owning and managing wind farms. AVs new building-integrated Architectural Wind® system is a small, modular wind-turbine system that provides an attractive clean-energy generating technology for use in both urban and suburban environments. More information about the Architectural Wind® system is available via email at or on the Web at

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