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March 10th, 2008
520 Toshiba Group Companies Are Striving to Achieve Environmental Vision 2010

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PR – Environmental management, as practiced by Toshiba Group, aims to contribute to sustainable development with two aspects: firstly, creating new values through products and, secondly, pursuing symbiosis with the Earth by reducing environmental impacts throughout
business processes and products.

In January 1989 Toshiba established the Basic Policy for Environmental Protection founded on the recognition that  the Earth is an irreplaceable asset and it is humankind’s duty to hand it on to future generations in a sound state. In fi scal 1993 Toshiba launched its fi rst Voluntary Envi-
ronmental Plan, a five-year action plan. Subsequently, we have expanded the scope of our activities while setting increasingly tough targets.
Since fiscal 2005, we have been implementing the Fourth Voluntary Environmental Plan  P42  focused on enhancement of product eco-effi ciency and business process innovation to attain the goals set by the Envi-ronmental Vision 2010  P41  for which a new indicator, eco-effi ciency, was introduced.
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