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Esri Conservation Program Director Wins 2016 Distinguished Landscape Practitioner Award
Rating12345Redlands, California — Charles Convis, director of the Esri...
Maryland Climate and Health Report Identifies State’s Vulnerabilities to Climate Change
Rating12345As world leaders convene in Washington, DC this week...
First-of-Its-Kind Global Analysis Indicates Leopards Have Lost Nearly 75 Percent of Their Historic Range
Rating12345WASHINGTON, May 4, 2016—The leopard (Panthera pardus), one of...

January 5th, 2011
Turtles’ Epic Journeys Tracked By Satellite

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Leatherback turtles have been tracked for thousands of miles across the Atlantic for the first time by scientists using satellites. A study of 25 females revealed three migration routes from nesting grounds in Gabon, west Africa, to food-rich areas of the South Atlantic. One single journey across the ocean to South America was 4,699 miles long. Read More

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