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NASA, University Study Shows Rising Seas Slowed by Increasing Water on Land
Rating12345New measurements from a NASA satellite have allowed researchers...
Planning 2.0: BLM Takes Major Step toward Modernizing Planning Process, Increasing Public Involvement
Rating12345WASHINGTON – The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) today...
Pennsylvania DCNR Names New Director of the Bureau of Topographic and Geologic Survey
Rating12345HARRISBURG, Pa., Feb. 10, 2016—Department of Conservation and Natural...

February 16th, 2012
Precautions to Save Wetlands’ Biodiversity Stressed

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Unsustainable management practices and the impact of climate change have reduced the natural integrity of wetlands. If timely precautions were not taken, the habitat of rare species of flora and wetland biodiversity overall are in danger and people’s livelihoods could be trapped in the labyrinth of an environmental crisis. Read More

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