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First-of-Its-Kind Global Analysis Indicates Leopards Have Lost Nearly 75 Percent of Their Historic Range
Rating12345WASHINGTON, May 4, 2016—The leopard (Panthera pardus), one of...
Study Finds Ice Isn’t Being Lost from Greenland’s Interior
Rating12345Scientists studying data from the top of the Greenland...
Aerial Mapping Company Bluesky Announces Expansion
Rating12345Leicestershire, UK, 05 May 2016 – Aerial mapping company...

December 15th, 2009
German Board Game Entrepreneur Tests Christmas Market

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DEUTSCHE WELLE –  The game revolves around erecting buildings, and bringing more citizens and money into town. Each player has their own board where they can build houses, castles and city gates. Meanwhile, the main board serves as the center for the players’ pawns, the town citizens, wealth and resources.   The cards used in Attandarra show a lot of buildings that still exist today. “You can still see most of them in town,” said Rokitte. “At the beginning I used neutral buildings, but later on the castle took on a specific face” – namely, Schnellenburg Castle, which can still be seen in Attendorn. Read More

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